Entrepreneur equips school kids in his village with tech skills

A young techpreneur identified as Editi Effiong has revealed he equipped school kids in his village with necessary technology skills relevant in today’s society.

Effiong made this disclosure on Twitter while reacting to a troll who tackled him for voicing concerns about the development index in Lagos.

The troll had asked him to make a comparative analysis between the development in Lagos and that of his village.

He replied by telling the troll that he had taught kids in his village to use a computer as well as how to code and then challenge the troll to show what he has done in his own village.

Sharing photo proofs to back up his claim, the techpreneur wrote:

“My village has running water.

But the most important development index for me is that every child attending primary school there can use a computer, has internet access and has learned to code.

I made that happen. Now, tell me how you developed your village.”