News #EndSARS: Looting was not caused by poverty or hunger, but pure greed...

#EndSARS: Looting was not caused by poverty or hunger, but pure greed – Femi Adesina (Video)


Femi Adesina, Media and Publicity aide to President Buhari, has said recent looting of warehouses and shops by hoodlums were not caused by poverty or hunger but were rather born out of “pure greed”.

Looting was not caused by poverty - Adesina

He made this known while appearing on Channels Television’s Sunrise Daily programme on Thursday October 29.

The presidential aide insisted that the looting spree which occurred days after the #EndSARS protests across Nigeria was propelled by “pure greed and criminality”.

Looting was not caused by poverty - Adesina

Adesina completely disagreed with the idea that the chaos and unrest which accompanied the #EndSARS protests were a true reflection of the people’s hunger and anger.

“I wouldn’t agree completely with that (that the looters are hungry) because criminality is criminality, would you justify armed robbery because the man was poor?

“Just as you can’t justify armed robbery because a man was poor and then he took a gun to rob another person. You can’t also justify the lootings that are going on. It is pure criminality.

“It is not everybody engaged in that looting that is hungry, that is the truth. It is pure greed and criminality,” Adesina said.

He also added that a situation was created for anarchy in the country and this created room for criminality and looting.

Reiterating that the looters were not necessarily hungry and angry, he noted they took advantage of the breakdown of law and order.


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