Elderly woman gives birth after many years of childlessness

Elderly woman becomes a mother as she welcomes her first child after many years of waiting.

The news of the elderly woman’s birth was broken online by a social media blog.

Elderly woman baby child
Woman welcomes first child.

In the video that was shared online, the woman was seen in the late stages of her pregnancy experiencing labour.

It was gathered that the woman had been able to welcome her first child after do many years.

The God of babies has finally shown His face to her as she became a mother to a bouncing baby.

Many folks have voiced their amazement and excitement for her.

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mhedkidboss commented: “May she live long to see that child grow to greatness”

kanimodoofficial said: “That is not a lady please , congratulations grandma I am so happy for her.”

rosythrone wrote: “This is the real “what God cannot do does not exist”

that_moyin_girl remarked: “Am I the only one who doesn’t believe this? I feel they curated the whole thing together to give a different narrative… but if she actually gave birth to that baby…. Then it’s joyful news… Congratulations ma’am”

kokobymuni penned: “That’s my friend big aunty … congratulations ma”

vicky_oraj commented: “May all the pregnant women deliver safely”

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