Economic hardship: “Nigerians are the main problems of Nigeria” – Ka3na

Popular reality TV star, Ka3na has opined that Nigerians are to blame for the ongoing economic crisis in the country.

The former Big Brother Naija housemate recounted how she wanted to buy a land and someone was telling her about the dollar rate.


She wondered what the dollar rate has got to do with the price if land as she blamed Nigerians for their own misfortunes.

The mother of one said that although a nation’s government had flaws, its citizens could be much worse.

Ka3na bemoaned the fact that the current society prioritizes money over human lives and urged everyone to exercise caution and vigilance during this time.

She wrote: “lol what has land got to do with dollar?? na dry land for Nigeria I wan buy person dey tell me madam you no dey hear wetin dollar dey talk? Na Nigerians be the main problem of Nigeria!

“The system may be flawed, but we, as individuals, can be even worse. The current society prioritizes money over human lives and dignity. Remember to stay vigilant and cautious. Trust is a rare commodity in this day and time. even your closest friend may betray you for a mere 50k. Stay safe out there.”


Ka3na blames Nigerians for Nigeria's economic crisis

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