“E pain me” – Lady recalls how robbers cart away gold chains, phones while security officer sleeps soundly

Lady narrates the bitter experience of how two robbers broke into her compound and stole her gold chains, phones, and other valuables while their security officer was asleep.

On Sunday, June 25, ijele nwanyi, a Twitter user, shared a harrowing incident on her page.

She recounted the distressing encounter where the burglars invaded her residence, ransacked her compound, and made off with her gold chains, phones, and other valuable items. Shockingly, they also attempted to assault her sexually.

In her detailed post, ijele nwanyi disclosed that during the terrifying ordeal, the robbers held a knife against her neck, threatening her not to raise an alarm while emphasizing their willingness to cause harm.

Adding to the appalling situation, one of the assailants even made an initial attempt to engage in sexual activity with her. However, he eventually had a change of heart, presumably due to fears of incurring generational curses.

How thief broke into my house, robbed me while security man slept

“A few days ago, while sleeping, I felt a cold object on my neck. Woke up with two guys standing over me, holding knives to my throat. I screamed and one of them threatened to cut of my head if I tried it again. They took my phone, made me log out of my icloud.”

“My sister was sleeping in the next room and she didn’t hear me. They took every thing of value I own and all the cash I had. Tried transferring from my account and for the first time in my life I was happy UBA is a trashy bank. Network was bad so they told me to write down.”

“All my passwords. At that point my sister opened her door and one of them immediately rushed to her and held the knife to her throat. She was dragged to her room and everything of value they could find was taken.

All our phones, my laptop, gold necklaces, watches and even her Gold wedding ring was taken. One of them even told me to lie down so he can “collect one round”. At this point I knew one of us was going to die. Him or me and I was fine with that. He laughed condescendingly and said ” I can’t attract curse to myself.” 

“They robbed us for an hour and only left when they heard the estate security whistle. I am not hurt physically but emotionally I am shattered. My home is supposed to be my safe place but I was held like a ram right inside my room. I am not ok. Honestly I am not ok. I am scared.”

“I am even scared of staying in my own home. I have been traumatized .Any little noise at night, I panic. These boys even picked 100 naira on my bed. Everything of value was taken. Every money down to 5 naira was taken. Even my earbuds. He even asked for the charger.”

“I am really not ok. I am angry, sad, and scared at the same time. Too many emotions running through my body.”

“A police report has been duly made and hopefully, something comes out of it. Please is there anybody that can help track a phone?”

“And we even have compound security. I even had to run downstairs to wake him after they left. He was sleeping soundly in his room while miscreants held a knife to my throat. Ahhhhhhhh. This thing pain me. E pain me”

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