Dwarf causes buzz as he tries to jump over small bench, falls

A viral video featuring two dwarfs attempting to jump over a small bench has taken the internet by storm.

The comical endeavor, which was captured and shared on social media, has left viewers worldwide in fits of laughter.

The video, initially posted by Oluwadamilola and later reposted by @yabaleftonline, showcases a small bench placed in the path of these determined men.

Despite their best efforts, their heights posed a challenge to the task at hand.

The first dwarf decided to tackle the challenge head-on.

He ran toward the bench, building up speed, and then leaped with all his strength.

But, in a hilarious twist, his leg smacked into the bench, and he toppled over to the other side.

This unexpected mishap had both the onlookers and online audience erupting in laughter.

Following the comedic vibe that had been established, the second dwarf decided to put his own spin on the spectacle

With a dramatic build-up, he prepared for his jump.

Unfortunately, like his companion, he too fell short of making it over the bench.

In a twist that had everyone doubled over in laughter, he opted for a different approach altogether.

Instead of attempting another jump, he decided to crawl beneath the bench.

This unexpected move made the situation

This unexpected move made the situation even funnier, leaving those present and those watching online in stitches.

Netizens Reactions…

@SormmaSharon1 said; “Why is the second guy wasting my data. I don wait for him tire, abeg wetin later happen?

@bigtimini said; “Stop allowing children play rough play. What if they get injured?”

@gerriesligh reacted; “The second one is a content creator.”

@officialystar said: “No be shatta bandle be this?”

@ifesozomaah said; “People wicked ooo! Why will dey give dwarfs high jump?

@Lifejotto said; “If this video isn’t funny to you, mehn… you have a big problem.”

@Donchristo7 commented; “It’s the way he went under the bench. I thought he was going to climb the bench. A whole vibe, lol.”

@Nic_N_O said; “I like their courage.”

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