“Dream come true” – Bank manager who resigned to sell clothes shares her story

Awuor Awuor Indah, a former relationship manager in a bank, made a life-altering decision to venture into the world of entrepreneurship, leaving behind a high-profile banking career to pursue her passion for African fashion.

Breaking away from a lucrative career path, Indah ventured into the world of African fabric vending, a move that initially stirred concern among family members.

In an exclusive interview with Kenyan media outlet TUKO.co.ke, Awuor shared the challenges she faced, admitting that the bold decision both scared her and worried her entire family.

The uncertainty of the future and the fear of losing a stable income made the transition difficult, but she was determined to pursue a more meaningful life.

"Dream come true" - Bank manager who resigned to sell clothes shares her story

“It was very difficult, given the uncertainty of the future and the fear of not having a constant assured income,” the woman said.

Supported by her husband, Awuor launched her venture, Elegance Couture, focusing on African fabric sales initially.

Despite the initial shock to the family’s cash flow, her perseverance and husband support paved the way for the brand’s growth.

“It is because of the support I received from my husband that has enabled me to be here,” she added.

Awuor emphasized the importance of hard work, financial discipline, and intrinsic motivation in the entrepreneurial journey.

After years of selling fabric, Awuor expanded her business into designing and tailoring, marking a significant turning point in her entrepreneurial journey.

She expressed some regret for not venturing into business sooner but acknowledged the challenges that came with the territory.

Reflecting on her seven years in business, Awuor expressed regret that she didn’t venture into entrepreneurship sooner.

“Business is quite awesome at the same time, very challenging, but I knew from the onset it wasn’t going to be easy,” she added.

She acknowledged the challenges but emphasized that the rewards of being her own boss were worth the struggle.

“Can you imagine studying calculus, trigonometry et al in university, then later putting my first best eight years in banking then to fashion and design?” she said.

Each year brought growth, both in her client base and the diversity of her designs, ultimately translating into financial success.

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