Drama unfolds as Speed Darlington demands money for fan photos (Video)

Drama unfolded at a shopping mall in Ajah, Lagos State, as popular musician Speed Darlington found himself at the center of a heated confrontation.

The incident occurred when fans recognized the artist inside the mall and approached him for a photo opportunity.

Speed Darlington

However, things took an unexpected turn when Speed Darlington allegedly demanded a payment of N5,000 from each fan before agreeing to take pictures with them.

The fans, feeling insulted and taken aback by his request, reacted with anger and began hurling insults at the artist.

Speed Darlington

One particular lady in the crowd mocked his choice of footwear and sarcastically remarked that he had not achieved the level of fame he believed he had.

In the midst of the commotion, a man challenged Speed Darlington about his worth and questioned his audacity to demand payment from his fans.

In response, the rapper lashed out at the fans for following him around the mall, displaying his frustration with the situation.

A video capturing the incident has since circulated on social media, further fueling the controversy and drawing attention to the altercation.

The clip showcases the intense exchange of words between Speed Darlington and the disappointed fans, highlighting the tensions and emotions involved.

As news of the incident spread, it sparked a debate among fans and followers of Speed Darlington, with many expressing their disappointment and criticizing the artist’s behavior.

Some argued that demanding payment from fans for a photo opportunity seemed unreasonable and contrary to the spirit of fan appreciation.

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