Drama as Skiibii’s ex, Ms DSF engages stylist in heated exchange (Video)

Notable actress, Dorcas Shola Fapson better known as Ms DSF is captured on tape in a heated exchange with a stylist, Maklinscout at her residence.

A video making the rounds on social media captured Skiibii‘s ex-girlfriend being yelled at by a stylist who lost it during a business transaction.

Skiibii's ex-girlfriend Ms DSF
Skiibii’s ex-girlfriend Ms DSF. Credit: ms_dsf Source: Instagram

Maklinscout could be seen dragged out of Ms DSF’s residence while she could be heard behind the camera trying to narrate what transpired between them but didn’t.

Following the altercation, the stylist took to his Instagram story to plead against dramatic clients who intend to frustrate his effort.

Ms DSF’s stylist, Maklinscout. Source: Instagram Credit: styled_by_maklinscout

“Dear Lord , I’ll attract unproblematic, no drama clients this June.
I’ll attract clients that appreciate my talent and don’t think they are doing me a favor by booking me.
I’ll attract clients that will happily pay for services I render.
I’ll attract clients that keep to time.
Amen,” the stylist wrote.

Ms DSF, however, took to her Instastory to share a meme that says, “The Fcck! Blocked! Delete!”

Reactions trailing Ms DSF ‘s encounter with stylist

@chi.victor.5095 penned: “Why this lady every damn damn thought she was rich…that skibii even stole from her 😂”

@queen____shankees said: “But wait this maklinscout is a gentle man oo imagine if it was portable or speedy Darlington 😂😂😂 dsf would be in recuperating in the hospital by now 😂”

@get_organizee said: “This is the reason sophiaegbueje stop being friends with her 😮😮😮”

@sure_terry_01 penned: “Very troublesome girl 😮how skiibii take cope with her self 😂😂😂”

@italopapa commented: “Before your girlfriend say u steal her watch omo fear and run for that person forever asin run 4 4 40”

@viccy4390 wrote: “Na d person way dey call skiibii broke be this? Girls why una be like this, if d man no give u money as u like that one no mean say e dey broke omo”

@___fmtofficial penned: “Stop blaming dsf we only saw what was recorded we don’t know what actually happened”

Watch the video below …

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