Drama as Police officer loses fingers as teargas canister explodes in his hands during protest

A police officer has reportedly lost his fingers during protests against the finance bill in Nairobi’s Central Business District (CBD), after a teargas canister exploded in his hands.

The incident, which sparked widespread reactions on social media, occurred during increasing tensions between protesters and police.

Reports from local news sources indicate that the protests initially began peacefully, with demonstrators voicing dissent over the finance bill.

However, the situation rapidly deteriorated, prompting the intervention of police forces equipped with water cannons and teargas.

As tensions mounted, clashes ensued between protesters and law enforcement, resulting in chaotic scenes in the city center.

During these confrontations, a teargas canister unexpectedly detonated in the hands of one police officer, causing serious injuries.

Witnesses at the scene described the chaotic aftermath, with emergency responders swiftly arriving to provide medical assistance to the injured officer-

Tragically, despite efforts to stabilize his condition, the officer reportedly lost several fingers due to the blast.

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