Drama as guest dies during birthday party in Lagos; birthday celebrant arrested

A birthday celebrant, Salisu Aishat and seven others have been arrested following the death of a guest during a birthday celebration in the Ijora Badia area of Lagos State.

The incident occurred on Olayemi Street, where Salisu Aishat was hosting a birthday party.

According to reports, the festivities took a grim turn when the victim was discovered unconscious on the floor of the venue, sporting a head wound.

An eyewitness recounted that a fight had erupted during the celebration, suggesting that the victim may have sustained his fatal injury amidst the chaos.

There was a party on Olayemi Street, Ijora Badia, and a fight broke out during the celebration. Suddenly, the man was found lying down on the ground and when people moved closer to him, they discovered he had died and a wound was on his head,” the source reported.

The incident was promptly reported to the Ijora Badia Division. Upon receiving the call at approximately 9:10 pm on April 16, 2024, the Division Police Officer (DPO) swiftly led a patrol team to the scene.

Salisu Aishat, the party organizer, and seven other individuals were subsequently arrested as part of the initial investigation.

Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, Benjamin Hundeyin, confirmed the arrests and noted that the victim’s body has been transported to the Mainland Hospital morgue in Yaba for preservation and autopsy.

Immediately, the DPO led his patrol team to the scene and the celebrant, Salisu Aishat, and seven others were arrested.

“A wound was discovered on the head of the corpse. The corpse was evacuated and deposited in the Mainland Hospital morgue, Yaba, for preservation and autopsy,”

“The investigation is ongoing.” Hundeyin stated.

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