Drama as driver and colleagues abandon vehicle as sedated lion wakes up inside car trunk (Video)

A video has captured a dramatic moment when a fully sedated lion unexpectedly woke up inside a car trunk.

The footage shows more than five individuals attempting to secure the lion inside the trunk, but chaos ensues as the lion regains consciousness.

In a panic, everyone, including the car driver and their colleagues, swiftly flees the scene, leaving the lion unattended and free to roam.

The incident has garnered significant attention, with many individuals expressing their reactions in the video’s comment section.

See some reactions below:

Elijah: “Hopefully it’s not my first day at work because. Haaa.”

Fine boy: “For some minutes those guys initially thought they were George of the Jungle.” 

Gréék: “To show the strength of a lion. Baba nor even know wetin dey happen around am, see people dey run for their lives.”

Rebel: “I like as everybody just awimaway comot there. This is no time to be a hero.”

Manual: “The lion sef never understand where him dey cos e first go sit down make him get himself.” 

Rio: “The fact that he was still unconscious of his environment is what they should be grateful for cos omo.”


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