Drama as bride catches groom’s mother breastfeeding him in restroom on wedding day, calls off ceremony

A bride has taken to social media to share her unusual wedding day experience after discovering her groom being breastfed by his mother just before they exchanged vows.

The bizarre incident, recounted in a podcast episode titled “The Unfiltered Bride,” hosted by Georgie and co-hosted by Beth Smith, has captivated audiences with its jaw-dropping revelation.

According to the podcast hosts, the bride, whose identity remains undisclosed, made a shocking discovery while using the restroom shortly before the ceremony commenced.

What she encountered was beyond comprehension, as she found her groom engaged in an intimate act with his mother, who was breastfeeding him.

Despite initial speculation from co-host Beth Smith regarding potential scenarios, such as infidelity or drug use, the truth surpassed all expectations.

In a moment that defied societal norms and left listeners reeling, it was revealed that the groom was indeed being breastfed by his own mother.

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