Doyin takes side with Vee Iye amidst clash with Venita

BBNaija ‘Level Up’ contestant, Doyin David takes a stance on the ongoing feud between her colleagues while agreeing with Vee Iye on how she described Venita Akpofure.

The rift between the two began when Vee Iye dated Venita’s cousin, Neo Akpofure, leading to a strained relationship. Their conflict recently resurfaced after Venita liked a demeaning post about Vee Iye on Twitter.

doyin david

This accusation arose after Vee Iye shared a video on Instagram where she appeared affectionate with an unidentified man following a post from her ex, Neo Akpofure with his girlfriend.

Subsequently, Venita endorsed the comment on Twitter, prompting Vee Iye to retaliate by labelling her a “fool at 40.”

Taking a stance on the matter, Doyin David added her voice by liking a tweet that defended Vee Iye and criticized Venita as a bully and a fool.

The posts were from two social media users who agreed that the mother of two overstepped her bounds and deserved all the ridicule received from her younger colleagues.

“Anyone that blame Vee is very foolish and unfortunate being,” the first tweet liked by Doyin stated.

The second goes thus, “None of you unfortunate stans should blame Vee for standing up for herself. Venita is a bulIy old f00l.”

Doyin takes side with Vee Iye amidst clash with Venita

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