Doyin and Chomzy crowns Chichi as season seven’s queen of gossip (Video)

Doyin and Chomzy crowns Chichi as season seven's Queen of gossip (Video)

Level 3 housemates, Doyin and Chomzy, unanimously declare one of their colleagues, Chichi, as the ring leader when it comes to gossip.


It would be recalled that three housemates, Doyin, Chomzy, and Eloswag, were evicted from the show but retained in the house following Sunday night’s eviction.


On Monday morning, Eloswag, Doyin, and Chomzy rubbed minds about the housemate who gossiped the most in Biggie’s house.

“Chichi is petty,” Eloswag stated while Doyin and Chomzy picked it up from there.

“She gossips a lot and does not say it to people’s faces. She changes it when confronted,” Doyin added with citing examples while Chomzy added her part too.

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