“Don’t you know the cost?” – Nigerian man fights pump attendant at petrol station for mistakenly filling up his car tank (Video)

A TikTok video shared by user @optionscity has gone viral, showing an angry Nigerian man berating a fuel station pump attendant for filling-up his car’s fuel tank against his request.

The incident, which occurred at an unnamed fuel station, shows the enraged man unleashing a tirade of shouts and anger towards the pump attendant.

The video begins with the man’s angry voice echoing through the station as he confronts the attendant for filling up his vehicle’s fuel tank.

The attendant appears visibly flustered as she is held back by her colleagues, who attempt to defuse the situation and prevent it from escalating further.

In the brief yet intense clip, the unidentified man’s frustration is evident as he raises his voice and gestures vehemently towards the pump attendant.

Despite the efforts of the attendant’s colleagues to restrain her, the man’s tirade continues.

“The girl don mistakenly full tank. Na the matter we still dey settle,” user captioned the video.

Netizens Reactions…

@Soti commented; “She go explain tire.

@Charity reacted; “She go pay eh.”

@VytaminQ commented; “Omo we pump attendants see something that year. but i savi change am for customer.”

@Blaise Ochieze said;  “To full persin tank now nah very big problem.. jus look at the direction nigeria is heading.”

@Daeny reacted; “Omo I hear some attendants are doing this o….intentionally.”

@renuah Rachy reacted; “She wan beat the man.”

@KinG JuniOr commented; Carry pipe suuck the fuel.”.

See below;


Na the matter we still dey settle 😅

♬ original sound – OPTIONS😎

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