“Don’t Japa and regret it” – Lady explains why she prefers Nigeria to US

A US-based Nigerian lady opens up on the reason why she prefers her Nigeria over US, as she shows off her passports.

She went online to show off her passports and revealed that she would choose her Nigerian passport over her US passport.

Lady Us Nigeria passport
Lady shows off her passports.

According to her, the reason why she would choose Nigeria is because there are no natural disasters such as hurricane, tornadoes etc that are happening regularly in the US.

Also she highlighted the food. She stated that she prefers Nigerian food over the food in the US.

Read some reactions below:

mheenarh_ commented: “Nobody loves Nigeria more than Nigerians that don’t live in Nigeria”

seunseanjimoh1 wrote: “It’s easier to love Nigeria when you have an American passport”

solomon_eazi said: “Our government is a major natural disaster. Worse than hurricane Tinubucane”

scoobynero wrote: “Nobody love naija pass Naija pp! wey never live for naija before pass December holiday”

bda_moyo wrote: “You chose green cos you already got blue”

santhuschris said: “Thunda faya ur papa. Revoke that citizenship come settle for naija. Werey with ringlight”

Watch the video below:

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