‘Don’t decline a date because you’re in a relationship’ – Nigerian Lady advises fellow ladies

A Nigerian lady identified as Oge Nsimah has used her social media platform to share a piece of advice for ladies that are in relationships, and are still often approached by men.

According to Nsimah, when ladies are approached by men that have taken interest in them, they should not form the habit of declining the request simply because they have a boyfriend.

Nsimah noted that a date does not entirely translate into a make-out session, but rather an opportunity to make new friends and get to meet other people.

“Ladies, when a man ask you out on a date, do not decline because you have a boyfriend. Going out on a date is not to ‘make out’ but a friendly offer for the purpose of getting to know you better and be friends moving forward,” her post read in part.

Explaining her point further, Nsimah noted that ladies should not send good men away simply because of their lover. She expressed that it is better to make self-centred decisions and turn down courtship proposal willingly as opposed to declining men because of the presence of another man.

She said: “Even if a man wants you to be his lover, do not say, I have a boyfriend, just say a polite no, I am not interested.”

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