“Don’t cry over a boy that uses filter” — Lady takes time to advice fellow gender (video)

A lady has made time out to advise fellow females, to stop crying over boys who make use of filters to look good in pictures.

The lady in the viral video is heard at the beginning of the video castigating all those who said “nobody will end up with her” while showing off the luxurious apartment she is in, thanks to her unknown man.

She takes go advising ladies who cry over boys. According to the lady, she understands crying over a man, but she cannot fathom why anyone would cry over a boy, a foolish one at that.

Listing her descriptions of what a boy is, she says;

“One that wears long stockings, one that uses filter, a boy that if he doesn’t do yahoo would have been a thief, people who did not go to school and cannot speak or type good English without the aid of autocorrect”

“Don’t cry over a boy that uses filter” — Lady takes time to advice fellow gender (video)

She advises them to clean their tears as crying over such a boy is wasted effort, urging them to go into the street and they would find real men who would rush them instead.

See netizens reactions below…

@thefilmbox1 said: Na this same girl go begin cry in her thirties saying men should date women her age and not go for younger ladies…

@LupinIkenga said: The people she calls boys are her age mates while the people she calls men are those old enough to be her father and grandfather. I despise useless women so much. This same women are those that will call men predators if they go for younger women.

@KingMachooo said: She actually took a cab or bike to the venue, only to call her out her fellow co workers “yahoo boys”.. No form of professional conduct 💀

@Iam_enriched added: My own be say I no wan do Justice for anybody. Everybody know weytin hin Dey do sha

@iamkester_ wrote: Small business trip wey madam go house girl don take over the house 😔

@Ikemchingy said: Na one politician house be that, baba don carry money wey dem award to build road carry ashawo.

Watch video below:

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