Domestic Violence: Father shoots eight-year-old boy during fight with wife

An eight-year-old American boy named Amir Harden was shot dead by his father when he tried to save his mother from being shot by his father.

Amir Harden’s mother, Cherish Edward wrote “His father tried to shoot and kill me but my son was shot instead” on a GoFundMe page.

Amir’s father is said to allegedly shot Amir while Amir is trying to protect his mother in their home, Burnsville, Minnesota, USA.

Amir’s mother stated how Amir fruitlessly wrestled the gun away from his father’s hand. His decision to save his mother is also noted in his response when the mother “screamed” for him to leave the scene. Amir responded “Mommy, I’m not leaving you here”

However, the father is said to have shot himself in the head after shooting his son, Amir.

While speaking to CBS News, the mother expressed her “unbearable pain” and shock at the incident of how his eight-year-old boy was dragging a gun from a grown-up man’s hand.

Sadly, Amir died days later after he and his father were rushed to the hospital.
This has left Amir’s four siblings “traumatized”. 

The police investigation would continue if the father lives.