“Do you think struggling is cute?” – Dencia tackles stingy parents

Cameroonian singer and entrepreneur, Dencia has clammed stingy parents who fail to give money to their kids.

"Do you think struggling is cute?" - Dencia tackles stingy parents

Taking to her Instagram story, teh singer tagged rich parents “weird” for not wanting to give money to their kids. She maintains that she has no idea why some parents liken struggling to being cute.

Dencia advised parents to quit being stingy and lavish money o their kids. According to her, when the parents are no money the kids will be left to figure life out on their own.


Dencia noted:

“Parents who actually have money and say ” I don’t give my kids money cuz I want them to work hard but give the money to charity and random people = Weird
I dont know why people think struggling is cute, it’s not, u struggled and made money, why do u want ur kids to struggle? Is it struggle competition?

U are in ur late 70’s, ur child has mental problems and a child and she clearly needs ur help, u cut her off anyways that’s why this kids are asking their parents for inheritance.
If u have money,ur kids should not lack anything mean nothing even if they want it in excess,give them, when u aren’t here, they will figure it out. I know tons of wealthy men and women and their children don’t have a $
Why do u have the damn money? For who? But they give their sillgar babies money but won’t give their own children.

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