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“Divorce shouldn’t be celebrated” – Justin Dean silences ex-wife, Korra Obidi (Video)

Korra Obidi’s ex-husband, Justin Dean has silenced her from celebrating her divorce from him, saying there is nothing to be celebrated.

Justin DeanIt will be recalled that a couple of days ago, Korra had taken to her social media page, where she rejoyced over her divorce.


Reacting to her celebratory posts, her ex-husband, Justin Dean knocks her, as he says divorce is a sign of failure.

He added that he would not advise anyone to stay in a toxic relationship, but divorce should not be celebrated.

In his words:

“Marriage is something that should be a do or a die affair. When people get divorce, that’s nothing to celebrate, that’s failure and I hate failure.

So if you are celebrating a divorce, personally I think that it means everyone loses. I am not saying you should stay in a toxic relationship and unhappy marriage”

See video below;

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