“Despite the hardship there are still good people” – Man recounts how stranger returned his missing phone

A Nigerian man, Guluhun Peter recounts how a kind-hearted stranger returned his Samsung phone after it went missing.

Peter took to his Facebook page to recount his experience with netizens as he gave details of how the Samsung phone had gone missing.

man missing phone
Nigerian man, Peter.

In the post made on his page, he relayed that he had been cooking when his gas abruptly finished, and he had to fill it immediately, since he might not be chanced to do so till the week’s end.

He noted that he had dashed off immediately but on getting to the gas plant, he realized that his phone wasn’t with him, and he had to return home to make a frantic search for it; however, this yielded no result.

Peter said that he used a neighbor’s phone to call his phone, upon which a strange voice answered and relayed how he had found the phone.

The phone was eventually returned to Peter, and he remarked on how good people still, despite the prevailing hardship in the nation.

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“I’ve heard so much about how people lost items and people called to return them. Although I’ve lost items and I call it is either the person is not picking up or I don’t have any access to reaching them. Can you believe that the same happened today?
This morning after taking my bath I decided to make noodles. Boom, my gas was finished. Knowing fully well that I might not have an opportunity to refill it till the weekend; I decided to refill it immediately.
I picked up my 12.5kg cylinder got a bike and headed to the mini depot in my area. On my way, I realised that my phone was nowhere to be found. Immediately I asked the bike man to go back. Confused, I rushed back to my house and checked everywhere including the toilet, all to no avail. My neighbours all tried my line and no one picked.
I collected my neighbour’s phone and tried it once, and to my amazement, a young man picked up the phone. Unfortunately, he was 3 minutes away from us. He narrated how he almost stepped on the phone. Speechless, I almost knelt to appreciate him. The rest was…..
At this point, I realised despite the hardship there are still good people.
Guluhun Peter”

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