Daughter steals late mother’s burial money, buys herself a car, books vacation

A daughter sparks conversation on social media as she opts to cremate her late mother instead of giving her a proper burial, using the money to buy herself a brand new car.

In the video captioned, “She steals mother’s burial money and buys herself a car and books a vacation,” a grown man can be heard confronting his sister.

Daughter steals late mother's burial money, buys herself a car
Daughter steals late mother’s burial money, buys herself a car.

He reveals receiving a call from the funeral home stating their mother has been cremated.

Upon questioning his sister, who was already at home, she admits to ordering the cremation because it was cheaper.

When asked why, she justifies it by claiming their mother did nothing for them while alive, so she decided to do something for herself.

When pressed about where the money went, the elderly man notices a car outside and assumes that’s where his sister spent the funeral funds.

It’s also disclosed in the conversation that she used the money to book a vacation for herself.

The exchange between the siblings garnered attention, with many individuals sharing their thoughts in the comments section.

See some reactions below:

chama: “Perhaps daughter saw a different side of mom than the son. Is she the oldest? Was he coddled? I don’t know enough to judge her.”

Tiaka Hurst: “To avoid all this parents should have their affairs in order and prepaid for AND an insurance policy.”

Today: “Raised in the same house but have two different realities of their child very common. She must be the oldest but they should have talked about though.”

Brazilian Camouflage: “Crazy how kid’s perspectives are totally different from the same parents and household.”

Lady L.I: “ppl need to know one kids experience with a parent isn’t the same as the other… but doing that was out of pocket… wonder what was done to her.”

Sam Sam: “As someone who got a different side of my mom than my sister, I understand both sides.”

JessNM ||Crescent.Fizzing: “My ex and his girl used the bare minimum on their son’s funeral and used the rest on drugs and the casino. Its sad when people do stuff like that.”

Talicea B: “This is true example of when siblings experience different healed/unhealed versions of their parents.”



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