Daniella lost in thought after getting ignored by Khalid at Saturday night party (Video)

The diamond of the season, Daniella as she is fondly called by viewers has not been in her best of moods since last night.

Last night, all the evicted housemates came over to celebrate with the finalists; a party theme set towards Nigeria’s Independence Day celebration.


While others were ecstatic about seeing their friends, certain people got ignored by the marrow. Daniella, being one of them suffered the same fate.

Her love interest, Khalid totally ignored her which was quite hurtful for her. Following the party, she was spotted brooding alone in the garden.

Watch the video below;

Recall, Daniella and Khalid had a ship brewing before he left the house. Dotun came along and Daniella got a bit distracted.

Currently, it is hard to tell where their relationship stands.



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