“Daddy, my head is paining me” — Medical student shares father’s response over difficulty of her course

A medical student shares her father’s unexpected response after expressing how difficult the nature of her course is.

In a WhatsApp message to her father, she mentioned that she was experiencing a headache as a result of the demands of the program.

Medical student who struggles with her courses. Image Credit: @anitathestarr Source: Twitter

Sympathizing with her, the father offered a suggestion, asking if she would be interested in switching her course of study to that of animals care.

“Daddy, my head is paining me. I’m tired. This is becoming very difficult,” she wrote.

Her father replied, “Sorry! Do you want to change to zoology?” 

See the snapshot of the chat below …

"Daddy, my head is paining me" — Medical student shares father response over difficulty of her course
Chat between father and daughter regarding change of course. Credit: @anitathestarr
Source: Twitter

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