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Daddy Freeze disagrees with counsellor who told women they’ll never find peace if they refuse to give their husbands peace



Daddy Freeze has reacted to a statement made by a Ghanaian counsellor that women will not have peace if they refuse to give their husbands peace.

Freeze opposed the statement and added that “giving peace” is not the duty of one party. He said that years ago, he might have agreed with the counsellor but experience has taught him that it isn’t always that way.

He wrote:

Ten years ago I’d have agreed with her wholeheartedly. Today, with the experience that I’ve gained, it’s a totally different ball game.

-Giving peace’ is the job of both parties. I give @tastebudzng peace, she gives me peace in return; or she gives me peace and I return her peace and the peace is maintained.

-No woman can continue to give peace to a man who doesn’t reciprocate her gesture and no man can give peace to a feisty and troublesome woman. –
Peace has to be I. Equilibrium. This doesn’t mean you won’t have issues from time to time or you won’t have quarrels but being peaceful and peaceable should be the utmost priority of both husbands and wives