Court orders Halima Abubakar to pay N10M to Apostle Suleman

A Federal High Court has ordered Halima Abubakar to pay a sum of N10 million for spreading false news about Apostle Johnson Suleman.

Following the court’s ruling on Monday, Abubakar has been ordered to pay Apostle Suleman, the Senior Pastor and General Overseer of Omega Fire Ministries International for any losses from her conduct.

Apostle Suleman accused Abubakar of making disparaging comments about him on her Instagram account, which were then picked up by other blogs and media, according to the court’s certified authentic copy of the ruling.

The case’s judge, Enobie Obanor, emphasized that Abubakar had the opportunity to defend herself but chose not to.

Court order Halima Abubakar to pay N10M to Apostle Suleman
Halima Abubakar, Nollywood actress.

The ruling highlights how nasty and untrue the statements posted by Abubakar on her Instagram account, @halimabubakar, were, harming Apostle Suleman’s standing with the public.

Apostle Suleman was thus given N10,000,000 by the court as exemplary and aggravating damages for libel.

The court also imposed an injunction that forbade Abubakar from publishing any more information on Apostle Suleman.