Couple shares inspiring journey, from ‘nothing to something’

A South African couple shares their inspiring journey from living in a roofing sheet house to achieving great success and moving to a concrete building.

Their story has been hailed as a beautiful example of genuine love as they overcame numerous challenges to reach the peak of their aspirations.

The young man identified as Michael Ditiho shared photos of their humble beginnings on Facebook, depicting their initial poor home.

Over time, they upgraded to a single-room dwelling with their son, and eventually, life smiled upon them, leading them to a much better living space.

Couple shares heartwarming journey of going from 'nothing to something'

They proudly showcased their impressive, spacious kitchen and their comfortable living room, complete with a couch, brown carpet, and a large-screen TV.

Couple shares heartwarming journey of going from 'nothing to something'

The young man, quoted by Make Me Hustle on Facebook, expressed gratitude for their journey and shared these images as a testament to their hard work and determination.

Reactions trailing couple’s humble beginning

Sabelo Masina said: “Congratulations to both of you. Be grateful to God, bro, for her strength.”

Dedelo Lonwabo wrote: “This is beautiful.”

Blessed Moyo added: “This is true Love.”

Teekay Heatman commented: “Wow this is great; keep it up, keep the ball rolling.”

Tapfumaneyi Maramba said: “God bless you bro, it’s not easy these days.” 

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