Congregation burst into laughter as coffin seller asks pastor to revive his business [Video]

A prophet was left momentarily confused after a man asked for his coffin business to be revived from poor sales.

The prophet was holding a deliverance session at his worship center when he began mentioning the name “Kingsley Eze” then began recounting some of the struggles the man is currently facing.

Prophet casket seller
Pastor and casket seller.

When the man came out among the congregation, the prophet asked him if there was a time his business was flourishing, and the man nodded and said yes. He then begged the prophet to help him revive the business.

The prophet at this point asked him what he does for a living and the man said he makes caskets.

The congregation burst into laughter and this momentarily puzzled the prophet as he didn’t know what to do at this point.

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