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Common Myths in Sports Betting



We have looked at the categories and types of myths held by people about sports betting. Read and know how to avoid them

Common Myths in Sports Betting

In the world of sport betting as witnessed both on and offline, there are lots of myths that has been around for some time, and majority of them seem not to be on their way out of circulation. These myths about betting are mostly based on people’s misconceptions of issues surrounding sports betting over a period of time. They grow to stand as norms in some areas, and trying to dispute them will place one on a very long journey. The best way to handle these myths sometimes may just be to smile and walk away because the people that believe in them will whip out lots of points to defend them. So, sometimes, it may be very difficult arguing with or trying to convince them. Below are some of the myths that punters in some sportsbooks believe in.

The Undying Myths

1. The number one myth is the one that says that the sportsbooks have information from insiders on what the outcome of the games would be. Many people regard this as the ‘trap game’ in sports betting, and it is because they believe the sportsbooks try to get people trapped on one angle of the game, especially the angle that won’t come through.
2. Another myth that seems not to be on its way out is the one where punters believe that the opinion of the general public is always wrong. Now, there are bets that grow to be tagged the ‘public bet,’ and that is because the outcome has become so believable to even majority of the people that they choose it. Punters, professional bettors and even some members of the public will always believe that the fact that many people are choosing a market will make it not to come to pass. There is this wrong fulfillment when the believers choose something different from what others are choosing. They see it as the ‘sharp side,’ while the side of the public is the ‘square side’.

3. The fixed games myth is also ever blazing. But how can people believe that majority of the games played in different sports activities are fixed. How easy is it to fix a game? If you come to a game of sports, you will realize that the factors and personnel needed to influence an outcome are enormous. Football has 11 players on either sides and others have even more or a bit less. So, who amongst them will carry out the rigging and exactly how? But this myth has refused to abate, and many punters still believe it.

4. The ‘due factor myth’ is also very strong. Here, people believe in the African adage that ‘after a long period of bed events, good events will take place’. They believe that a team that has been losing for a long time will soon even out and win, or that a team that has been on a winning streak, will soon lose or draw. This forms the basis for their picks. While fatigue and other things may come into play after teams have won for a long time, and determination to succeed may push teams to win after a long period of losing games, there is no pattern to this. So, it’s a very wrong strategy to employ, and the myth is still a myth and nothing more.

The Biggest Myths

5. Among the myths, there are some that are very common and huge. One of them is the belief that sports analysts are good punters. This is one of the wrong notions to hold. It’s good to realize that while it is very easy to look at the records and outcomes of events and analyze them, it is very different from predicting the possible result of future events. Most times, people who do so well in the former, fail woefully in the later. But some people tend to believe them.
6. The belief that the sportsbooks do not miss the final line is also there as a myth. Those who don’t hold it so tight believe that they are almost always close to the final line. But the fact remains that the punters hold the ace here. The public betting is what shifts the lines, so the trajectory is determined by the volume of public betting.
7. Some people also believe the impossibility of raking in profitable wins by choosing favorites. But this is also false. They think the gains are with the underdogs all the time. Bu that’s not true. With the favorites, good money can still be won if you know the game and understand the markets to go with.

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