Comedian I Go Die gifts his son a mansion for his 9th birthday (Photos)

Comedian I Go Die gifts his son a mansion for his 9th birthday (Photos)Comedian I Go Dye gifts his son, Roy, a sprawling mansion on his 9th birthday and the Internet can’t keep calm.

The comedian and philanthropist broke the news of the unusual gift for his son via his Instagram page where he shared photos of the beautiful mansion.

According to him, the “GOLDEN SEAL CASTLE” is just part of the steps of greatness he prays his son achieves. He went on to shower accolades on him and pray for the birthday boy.

“MY GIFT TO YOU ON YOUR 9TH YEARS BIRTHDAY SON. I celebrate your 9 years birthday my son, expressing the essence of shelter, reminiscent of how some of us grow up, with some things we never had. This GOLDEN SEAL CASTLE Birthday gift is just a step for you to achieve greater things in the future and praying that God should grant this privilege to many others.

“May this little gift bring forth hope to many children, who may not be privileged to have good shelter, nurturing in them that everything is possible. I can’t define the future but I will try to bring more than a million smiles to your life, by bringing your dreams closer at all times by the grace of God. #happybirthday my prince Roy Agoda,” he wrote.

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