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Comedian Crazeclown blocked on social media by a fan he mistakenly sent money to

Nigerian comedian, Craze Clown was heart-broken after a fan he intended to help ended up absconding with his money because he mistakenly transferred N100,000 to the fan instead of N10,000.

He took to social media with a brief recount of his experience with someone that won a cash giveaway that he organized.

The comedian in a post shared on his official Twitter page noted that the individual had won the sum of N10,000 on his page.

However, Craze Clown said when he was making the transfer, he made the mistake of sending N100,000 as opposed to the N10,000 won by the individual.

Upon realizing the error, the comedian said he paid a visit to the Instagram page of the individual. To his surprise, the individual had blocked him on the platform.

Mistakenly sent 100k to someone who won 10k on my page … I clicked on his/her page to let them know and saw this,” his tweet read in part.

The comedian in a note addressed to the dishonest individual said he hopes the person puts the money to good use.

Craze Clown also advised the person not to bother about blocking him, because he had the account details that could make the individual traceable.

See his tweet below:


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