Comedian AY blows hot, threatens lawsuit against Julius Agwu

Nigerian comedian and filmmaker, Ayo Makun, popularly known as AY has threatened to sue his colleague, Julius Agwu.

This is coming after the comedian during a radio interview with Naija Info 102.7fm, claimed that AY scheduled a show on the same day as him.

Julius claimed he had called AY to request a rescheduling of his yearly Easter Sunday comedy show because it coincided with his event, Laugh for Christ’s Sake, on the same day. However, according to Julius Agwu, AY refused and hung up on him.

In his response, Ayo Makun, on Wednesday, April 19, stated clearly that he didn’t hijack the Easter Sunday date from him.

He also threatened to sue the comedian for constantly trying to damage his reputation online.

In his words:

“The truth remains the only ultimate power to downplay all the lies in a place where the INTERNET NEVER FORGETS. Dear senior colleague Julius Agwu, my question is, how is it even possible to lay claims to the fact that I took over your Easter Sunday date with the following verifiable facts.

“Laff 4 Christ Sake stopped in 2009 and only came back on October 23rd, 2011. The same year I did AY Live on Workers Day May 1st (which obviously was not on Easter Sunday).”

“Julius D Genius Agwu performed at AY Live on Easter Sunday, March 31st, 2013. (which I believed would have been an issue if I truly ever cut a call on senior colleague who holds claim the same date).”

“Fast forward to 2023, here we are again with this libelous video that will not be tolerated. Should this continue without any proof to your claims of me bewitching you, I will be filing a slanderous lawsuit against you for consistently trying to damage my reputation.”

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