Collect his G-Wagon before he spoils it – Wale D Prophet advises after Portable washed the car with strong detergent

Instagram influencer and self-acclaimed seer, Wale D Prophet, has raised concerns over the maintenance of Nigerian musician Portable’s newly acquired Brabus G-Wagon.

According to Wale, Portable’s recent act of washing the car with laundry detergent is a cause for worry as it could cause serious damage to the car’s paint.


In a video reposted by Wale, Portable was seen washing his car with laundry detergent at a car wash.

Portable G-wagon

Expressing his concern, Wale noted that it is in Portable’s best interest to hand over the maintenance of the expensive whip to someone who understands the intricacies of car maintenance.

In Wale’s words;

“I just saw Portable washing his Brabus G-Wagon with laundry detergent, and it’s not good for the car’s paint. He needs to be careful before he causes serious damage to the car. I suggest that someone close to him should start handling the maintenance of the car to avoid any further damage.”

Fans of the musician have reacted with mixed feelings.

Some fans have expressed disappointment at Portable’s act of washing the car with laundry detergent, with many noting that it is a sign of ignorance when it comes to car maintenance.

Others have commended Wale D Prophet for speaking out and highlighting the potential damage that could be caused to the car’s paint.

One fan, who wished to remain anonymous, said;

“I am so disappointed to see Portable washing his car with laundry detergent. It shows a lack of knowledge when it comes to car maintenance. I hope he takes Wale’s advice and hands over the maintenance of the car to someone who understands what they are doing.”

Another fan, however, defended Portable, saying;

I don’t think we should be too hard on Portable. He probably didn’t know that using laundry detergent to wash a car is harmful. I’m sure he will learn from this experience and take better care of his car in the future.

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