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Chimamanda Adichie shares photos rejected by an international magazine because she looked ‘too glamourous’

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, the well-known Nigerian author, took to social media to share some stunning photos of herself which were apparently rejected by an international magazine.


The photographs were scheduled to be featured on the cover of an international magazine, but they were rejected because they didn’t want her to appear ‘too glamorous’ according to her.

Because her photographs were not used by the journal, the mother of one decided to share them on Instagram.
She wrote,

“It was a cover shoot for an international magazine. Or it was supposed to be. The magazine rejected the photos. They didn’t want me ‘looking too glamorous,’ they said. And so the cover didn’t happen. What does one do with rejected photos but show them anyway, primarily for the vanity-boosting benefits ??‍♀️ of such an act.”

This generated reactions from her followers who didn’t take kindly to the magazine’s decision.

@april_laugh wrote, “Shame on them! The 3rd frame???”

@cliffordenbun wrote, “Rejected??? These photos are ?? … grateful for the gift of you Chimamanda ??”

@omowunmi.a wrote, “Too glamorous ?for their front cover? Do they want you to look gloomy? Shine girl?dazzle them”

@hanitaonwuli wrote, “You can’t tone down perfection ?”

See her post below,

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