Chef Maliha breaks down during longest cooking marathon attempt

Kenyan Chef Maliha Mohammed, aiming to break the record for the longest cooking marathon encountered a setback due to a medical emergency.

Maliha initiated the challenge on November 15 aimed at surpassing the current 119-hour, 57-minute, and 16-second mark, diligently updating her progress for fans.

Chef Maliha
Chef Maliha

Seeking to exceed the existing Guinness World record set by Alan Fisher (Ireland), her attempt took an unexpected turn when a medical emergency occurred after she crossed the 111-hour milestone.

A video shared on her Instagram stories showed Maliha unconscious on a stretcher, attended to by medical personnel.

Despite the setback, she conveyed her determination that the emergency would not signal the end of the cooking marathon.

“I am a conqueror and a marathon runner. Nothing is bringing us down; to the finish line, we go,” she wrote.

Chef Maliha passes out while attempting to break record for longest cooking time

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