Celestial church set on fire as dead body with missing parts is allegedly found on premises (Video)

A Celestial Church located in Badore, Ajah area of Lagos State is set on fire following reports of a dead dead body found on the premises with its parts missing.

A report making rounds on social media captured a video of a church’s property set ablaze by an angry mob over a manslaughter act orchestrated at the location.

Church set on fire as dead body is allegedly found with missing parts (Video)
Celestial church located in Badore, Ajah area of Lagos State where a bead body was found. Credit: @Anietie41dude / Twitter

According to narration from eyewitnesses who shared a video of the development, the Celestial Church is said to be known for frequent festivities. However, an individual was said to have been murdered and his body parts taken out.

In response to the act, the community destroyed the church building and set it on fire.

A Twitter user @Anietie41dude took to the platform to share the video with the caption, “Pastor of Cele church at Ajah, precisely at Alasia kills an Aboki by the name Dogo for rituals. His corpse was discovered this morning inside the church when to look for him.

When they discovered his corpse this morning, his eyes and tongue were already removed. According to his people, they said the Pastor approached him last night to help them dig a soak away in the church. Unknown to Dogo(name of deceased) they wanted to use him for rituals.

This morning his People went to look for him at the church. The Pastor told them he had fallen into the soakaway and had been rushed to the hospital, but his people did not believe the Pastor.”

Another witness on the scene could be heard saying, “Look at the entire place. they killed my friend, somebody I know. They removed his manhood, eyes, and tongue. Wickedness; God will judge all of you.”

However, the police confirmed that the body found was not missing its parts while confirming that the labourer by the name of Dogo fell into a soakaway and was dead before reaching the hospital.

A church worker was also confirmed to have fallen in the same soakaway while trying to rescue the victim but is currently hospitalized.

Watch the video below …

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