Caucasian man tattoos Nigerian girlfriend’s initials on his neck

Famous US-based Nigerian Tik-tok influencer, Baby Storme shares the adorable moment her Caucasian boyfriend got a tattoo of the initials of her real name.

She revealed that she and her boyfriend visited the tattoo shop where he got a tattoo of the initials of her given name.

Caucasian girlfriend's name neck
Baby Storme

Inscribed on the man’s neck were the letters “IfY” bold showing.

She gusted over them as he got the tattoo on his neck and softly cooed “Awwn, so cute”.

The man, prior to inking her tattoo on his neck, didn’t have any tattoo at all on his body, and her initials were the first tattoo he ever got.

Taking to TIkTok she said …

“Guys…. he’s got my Nigerian name tatted (his first & only tattoo) I can’t🥺🥺🥺”

Watch video below …

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