Cardi B, Offset starstruck as they meet Rema in Paris (Video)

Nigerian Afrobeats artist, Rema leaves an impression on the American superstar, Cardi B and her husband, Offset as they meet in Paris.

The talented singer, who has received numerous awards, recently found himself in the spotlight after unexpectedly crossing paths with the American celebrity couple.

Nigerian Afrobeat singer, Rema. Credit: Heisrema

The trio attended the renowned fashion show of the celebrity designer brand Balenciaga. Cardi B documented the encounter on her Instagram story, sharing videos of herself and Offset sitting at a dinner table as Rema approached them.

Cardi B, clearly star-struck, could not resist capturing moments of the Nigerian singer on her camera while gushing over him.

Cardi B, Offset starstruck as they meet Rema in Paris (Video)
Cardi B recording Rema

Reactions trailing Rema with Cardi B and Offset

Tonynonny stated: “Rema is that celebrity that other celebrities wanna see and associate themselves with.”

MrFalafel312 said: “Money can never buy class and this is the greatest example of that.”

1ma9ine_ opined: “Is it just me or Offset’s eyes are farting around like Rema is about to steal his babe …..and that laugh at the end.”

ayobrymon stated: “Rema kinda glory heavy oh, see the guy dey move fast globally”

skele_godsee wrote: “Do you know what it means for Cardi to video Rema e no easy bro I just laugh when I come across this video that Rema nah swagu”

Watch the video below …

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