“Buhari and his cabals never wanted Tinubu to become president” — Sam Omatseye

The Chairman of the editorial board of The Nation Newspapers, Sam Omatseye has narrated how the former President, Muhammadu Buhari and his cabals didn’t want Bola Tinubu to become president of Nigeria.

He disclosed this in his latest book titled: “Beating all odds: diaries and essays on how Bola Tinubu became president.”

“Buhari and his cabals never wanted Tinubu to become president” — Sam Omatseye
Sam Omatseye

Omatseye in the book described the cabals as “vampires and peacocks” around Buhari.

According to him, some of the stakeholders around Buhari were afraid of Tinubu, hence plotted against his emergence as president.

He wrote, “I knew the president – Muhammadu Buhari – did not want him. The peacocks and vampires around him did not want him. Some stakeholders in the country did not only resent him, they were afraid of him. The plot thickened quickly.

“Conspiracies festered in sewers and in the open. And it began with the party’s top brass. In cahoots with the presidential cabal, they edged out Adams Oshiomhole’s executive as the first major step to immobilise Tinubu’s ambition.

“They also broached a consensus candidate. Law crippled them as they fell foul of defining the phrase they coined, and they could not even manage the idea of open and closed primaries. At every turn, they stumbled into crosswinds. Their own weapon turned their own folly.

He continued, “Tinubu was never fazed about the task ahead. He peered a rose-scented garden when others saw for him a forest of a thousand demons.

“In 2021 December, he said he was preparing a speech towards the end of January, 2022, to announce his intention to run. He would wait for the yuletide and new year euphoria to ebb out before throwing himself in the ring.”