Browny Igboegwu loses cool, gets physical after a ‘drink poison’ prank was pulled on him

Nigerian actor Browny Igboegwu has been captured in a video angry after a ‘drink poison’ prank was pulled on him.


One of the trends on social media is the trend of pranks. There are so many content creators on social media who have resorted to prank content to make money and stay relevant.

Comedian Untouchable and Browny Igboegwu were spotted drinking in a bar when the former stepped out while leaving his drink with the actor Browny.

While seated, a man came out and accused Browny of poisoning the drink of Untouchable while he was away. The two ended up in a heated argument where Browny was seen denying the allegations. The man then brought out a white substance claiming to be poison used by Browny.

Browny who couldn’t hold his anger landed a slap on the face of the accuser and also dragged the lady bartender who also supported the man.

During the heated argument, the actor was later told it was a prank and in reaction, he smash a bottle on the floor while promising to deal with Untouchable and his partner who were laughing.