Zanziman Ellie, a young boy who lived in a jungle in Rwanda, East Africa with his mum, has finally gotten the opportunity to go to school.

This comes after his mother opened up about him in an interview with Afrimax TV. He doesn’t speak or hear and is believed to have learning disabilities.

Zanziman’s mum said she knew her son would be different immediately after birth, because he had an abnormally small head and unusual facial features.

He has never been to school due to learning difficulties, and is not able to speak or properly communicate with other humans.

Sadly, he has also been the target of bullying in his village for his entire life, with people often calling him a ‘monkey’ or an ‘ape’.

Zanziman’s mum said in the interview that she has to chase after him every evening to bring him home, as he spends all day running through the jungle for hours on end.

In a recent video shared by Afrimax, Zanziman was taken to another city where he met with friends and some other kids who shared similar disability with him.

He was taken to school and during his first car ride, Zanziman was seen putting his head out through the window in amazement.

Watch video below;


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