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Bovi reveals why he’s not worried about the rise, acceptance of skit makers at the expense of stand-up comedians

Popular comedian and actor, Bovi Ugboma has played down speculations that the rise and acceptance of skit makers in the entertainment industry will affect him and other stand-up comedians in Nigeria.

Speaking with Sunday Scoop anchored by The PUNCH, Bovi noted that skit makers and stand-up comedians are of different genres with different markets.

Noting that the two fields should collaborate instead of competing, Bovi added: “Why should it (rise of skit makers) affect them (stand-up comedians)? They are two different crafts. We should learn to be more collaborative instead of competitive.

“Anytime I get that question, I get worried because what they do is online, and there is a market for it. What we do is offline and there is a market for it as well.

“They have a different genre, so we should encourage them and the fact that they can make money out of it. The fact that it is now a booming business is a plus to the entertainment industry.”

On what distinguishes him in the entertainment industry, the comedian said, “I just do me and I make sure I always challenge and reinvent myself. I also constantly evolve so people would not get bored. If one does not reinvent oneself, people will find one predictable.”