“Bought you 2 phones as Val’s gift, yet received nothing in return” – Man loses cool, takes back his gift

A young man’s attempt to make this year’s Valentine’s Day special for his girlfriend by gifting her two phones ended in an unexpected disappointment.

The man whose identity remains undisclosed reportedly went above and beyond by purchasing two phones for his girlfriend, only to reclaim them shortly after a surprising discovery.

According to reports, the unidentified man had purchased two phones for his girlfriend and arranged for them to be delivered through a dispatch rider.

However, the romantic gesture took an unexpected turn when he instructed the delivery man to collect any gifts the girlfriend may have gotten for him.

According to a Twitter post by the dispatch rider @Max_J619, upon reaching the girlfriend’s place, she revealed she had not prepared any gift for her boyfriend.

“It’s his duty to gift me, not the other way round,” the girlfriend told the dispatch rider.

This unexpected response reportedly angered the boyfriend when the delivery man relayed the information.

Without hesitation, the boyfriend instructed the rider to return immediately with the phones.

In his words;

I did a lot of valentine deliveries yesterday and I can tell you for free that guys are really trying for their babes and at the same time they are dating rubbish.

Phones, ipads, laptops, edibles etc all sent by guys to their babes. But no single delivery from a lady yesterday. A guy asked me to deliver two phones to his babe & told me to also collect what she got for him.

Getting there, she said “it’s his duty to gift me not the other way round” with laughter. Called on the phone & updated him. Unhesitatingly, he said I should bring back the phones.”

See below;

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