Boss Lady Ka3na dragged for rebuking fathers who kiss their daughters on the lips

Popular reality star, Ka3na Jones, once again is faced with criticism over a claim that rebukes fathers from kissing their daughters on the lips.


The mother of one who flaunted adult toys received from her husband as an early Christmas gift took to her Twitter page to caution such a father-daughter act.

“Fathers should stop kissing their baby girls on the lips? forehead or chick is more appropriate…Thinking Aloud Seriously ?,” she wrote.

Boss Lady Ka3na dragged for condemning fathers who kiss their daughters on the lips

Ka3na’s claim was, however, met with criticism on how the reality star intentionally strikes controversial statements just to stay relevant.

“This is an unfortunate statement to make, but your job is to be controversial on this street so as to stay relevant. The problem is, many people will pull out their hair by reading this. However, if this is your honest opinion, then there’s something depraved about your mind!” a user wrote in reply.

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