Boss handsomely rewards security guard who refused him entry into his factory

The boss who went viral after his security guard denied him entry into his factory, locates the guard and generously rewards him for a good job.

The celebrity carpenter shared a video recently, of the security guard refusing to let him enter his own company because he didn’t recognize him.

Despite trying to convince the security officer to let him go through, he stood his ground.

The owner wasn’t allowed to enter the factory until the security guard confirmed from the manager that he should be let in.

Boss handsomely rewards security guard who refused him entry into his factory

When asked, the security guard revealed it was as a result of his training and safety was very paramount.

The kind hearted boss rewarded him with monetary gifts, while praising his dedication to the job.

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@Arshavin commended: “Nice 1 the security man didn’t care how good he dressed or how he look he just refused his entry, good job there”

@pinkydarl prayed: “God bless you more Sir for this your kind gesture. you will have more branches in different states and country”

@Kaytroy opined: “But wait Oo is good to acknowledge him by giving him a reward but bro this will let him start misbehaving to other customers oo lol 😂 I hope wrong 😑 I don’t know if you understand me”

@👑 BLACK🇯🇲KING👑 said: “I did stop my bosss from entering, and i got fire the next day true story 😂”

@Maxwell Sirwhyte Eke stated: “but you don’t have to televise it.. all this agenda is to market your company. Person dey use person papa dey catch cruise all in the name of giving. y’all can see all those skit makers. hypocrites every where”

@user6sherry commented: “that security guard is true to his job what you have done is great , promote him to head of security in that company”

Watch video here


He said he was doing his job and following his training.. hmmmmmm

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