Bolt driver shares horrific experience with rider who punched and strangled his neck over fee (Video)

A Nigerian man named Tizza recently shared a harrowing experience on his social media page, recounting how he was attacked and came close to losing his life by a Bolt rider in Ibadan.

According to his statement, a distressing incident occurred a few days ago when Tizzy accepted a ride request from a (Bolt) rider.

While on the journey, a dispute arose regarding the fare for the trip.

Tizzy attempted to communicate and negotiate with the rider, but instead of resolving the issue peacefully, the rider resorted to violence.

He strangled Tizzy, assaulted him with punches, and nearly caused his death.

His statement “Hello everyone, I’m a business man that work within Lagos and Ibadan, one of what I’m into is Uber/ bolt driver…. An incident happened to me yesterday, I picked up a bolt rider opposite university of Ibadan second gate , he was going to oluyole sharp coner close to kuola area.”

“This guy strangled me , punch my face and almost killed me yesterday, I’ve to pretend as if I’ve fainted. I picked the guy up and he told me to wait that his friend is joining the ride, his friend came and entered my car and the friend told me that I was going to drop me at Uch hospital, then I told the guy that it’s a different route for where he ordered on the app.”

“Then the guy started the argument and I kept quiet but I made my point clear that I’ve been doing bolt driver in Ibadan for 3yrs now , that if the app doesn’t read they will add the price for the trip to drop his friend at Uch to the 3,700 on the app, so after I dropped is friend.” 

“After 5mins of pretending to have fainted he left me and told me that sabi I still get strength now, make I come fight again now, I just ran out of the gate and when to pick up my phone in my car and made a video clip of how my face look”

“He told me to call my account number which is opay and he dropped from my car without showing me the receipt for the money he sent , when I was about entering the house, I ask if he had sent the money, he say yeah. Then I checked my opay and found the 3,800 balance.” 

“I went to drop him at his house, when I got to his house, I ended the trip and the price was 3,800, so 100naira was added for the paid waiting time before he entered my car of about 9mins paid waiting, and I showed the guy that the trip didn’t read for the movement of is friend.” 

“Then I dropped from my car and opened the gate to the house to call his notice to the money he sent, that it was not our agreement not to add to the fare, then next action was the guy started harassing me and tell my I’m very stupid for coming inside his gate to meet him.”

“Before I could realize myself, he already throw me on the ground and started punching my face with my mouth and head, and didn’t stop strangling my neck, I was even shouting at the top of my voice that what will he gain if he kills me, then I just had to pretend like I fainted.”

“I tried calling him and he already blocked my line, my friend tried help me chatting him up and he said he’s in Lagos.” 

“I asked for the amount of the trip and he told me 3,700 before I started the ride, then I told me that he’s going to add to the fare for me going to drop is friend at Uch , then we all start arguing that the app is going to read for all the trip and i immediately said app no read.” 

“I’ve gone to kuola police station to report him and the police got my statement down and ordered some officers to go along with me to his house, the gate was locked the first time we check, we went back today again and the agent we met told us he dropped the key to the house.” 

“@Boltapp_ng a rider almost strangled me to death at his residence, pls legal actions have been taken on this! It’s has been reported to kuola police station and barrister Kunle ishola has looked into the matter, the son to the former governor of oyo state!!!”