Boko Haram started as youth protests – Gov. Zulum pleads to #EndSARS promoters

The Borno State Governor, Babagana Zulum, has urged the youths to take a step back on the #EndSARS protest across the country.

Governor Zulum

Zulum while addressing the State House correspondents after a meeting with President Muhammadu Buhari at the Presidential Villa in Abuja on Friday, November 6, noted that the Boko Haram group started as a protest until it escalated into terrorism.

The Borno state Governor said; “On the issue of #EndSARS, I am calling on all Nigerians especially the youths to be very careful.


“The whole Boko Haram saga started as a result of the protests by some youths in Maiduguri against the use of helmet by motorcycle riders. You have seen the situation now.

“Over one million people have been displaced and the most affected population are the vulnerable, the youth.

“Some of those that led the protests have left Borno State, they are either staying in Abuja or Lagos or abroad. we have to be very careful.”

boko haram

Zulum added that the #EndSARS protest did not take the twist it took in Lagos because youths were advised to think it through.

He added; “Now, there is emerging peace in Borno State and we don’t want anybody to disrupt the peace.

“The youths are with us, we are taking very good care of them, palliatives are being distributed to them as and when due.

“We are giving them some certain financial supports and I think the best way every Nigerian should seek for his/her right is through legitimate means, otherwise we are not going anywhere. Peace is very important.”