Bobrisky reacts to rumours of claiming someone’s house; shows off transfer deed (Photos)

Popular Crossdresser, Bobrisky has debunked rumors of claiming another person’s house as he shows off transfer deed.

The crossdresser had been exposed by popular Instagram blog, Gistlover who revealed that the human barbie doll was claiming the house of another person identified as ‘Federal’.

Reacting to this, the socialite showed of his deed of ownership as he jeered the blog, saying that they’re fabricating lies.

He wrote:

“Pls complete dis for me gistlover in the what?
I understand u are broke you can’t afford such money so you keep fabricating stories. People are tired of ur lies see ur followers you are struggling to beg people to follow you . Successful souls are not interested in blog and lies. Only a bitter mugu like ur such will follow ur lies”

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